Pet Stop Fence Systems

Outdoor Containment

Our customizable dog fence can be designed with diverse zones and settings and is buried out of sight to maintain the beauty of your property.


How does the system work?

A small wire, approved for underground burial, is run around the perimeter of your yard (usually buried just beneath the surface).  This wire is connected to a small control unit called the “transmitter” which sends a digital signal through the buried wire.


Your pet wears a special computerized “receiver” collar.  If your dog gets to close to the wire, the collar “beeps” and administers a brief “training pulse”.  In just a short time, your dog learns to respect the boundaries that you establish for him.


As always, proper training will condition your pet(s) to avoid approaching and crossing the boundary wire.


Are you tired of your pet(s) digging or stomping in your beautiful flower gardens?

We can also help you in that area.  Our system allows us to zone off any area you wish your pet not to enter.


Indoor Containment

Not just for outdoor containment, our indoor containment can keep Kitty of the kitchen counter or Rex out of the baby’s room. 


Indoor Uses:  Trash Cans, Kitchen Counters, Stairwells, Dining Rooms, Living Couch, Nursery.