Perimeter Pet Fencing System

Introducing our “new” do-it-yourself kits.  Our parent company, Perimeter Technologies, has developed a product that may not have all the “bells and whistles” of its counterpart, Pet Stop brand, but will contain your pet never-the-less.


Our pricing starts at $249.95 (kit only).  The kit comes complete with:  Wall-Mount Fence Transmitter, 500 ft. Long Lasting Fence Wire (covers up to ¼ acre), Ultra Small Light Collar, Boundary Flags and an easy Step-By-Step Installation DVD.


NOTE:  Unlike our Pet Stop system that carries Lifetime Equipment Warranties, this new product carries only a ”One Year Warranty” from the date of purchase.


Pet Stop of East Coast Florida would be happy to bury the wire for you on a per foot basis.  We also offer training for an additional cost.


Standard Features are:


TEMP CHECK™ - keeps the fence field stable and in the same location when outside temperatures change.  Otherwise your fence boundary would move up to 100% when the temperature fluctuates between 30F and 90F degrees.  Boundaries that randomly and unexpectedly move are frustrating and dangerous for your pet.


WIRE CHECK™ - automatically compensates for wire problems and adjusts the amount of signal power to ensure the fence boundary remains in a constant location (no system can continue to function if the boundary wire has been completely cut).


12X BATTERY CHECK™ - monitors the status of the training collar battery every two hours, eliminating false low battery indications saving you both time and money.