Excerpts of Actual Testimonials of Pet Stop of East Coast Florida’s Customers



“The Pet Stop system is a life saver for us!  Although our “toddler” puppy has been a handful, the Pet Stop system, along with the wonderful and patient training by Kent, actually works great with him!!!  Thanks Kent for being such a miracle worker!”           

                                                                                  Darlene M., Palm Coast, Florida



“I can’t believe how amazing the Pet Stop fence is.  We don’t worry as much as we did.  Our Jack Russells are so hyper we couldn’t keep up with them, then we found Pet Stop!  Thanks Kent and Sandy.”

                                                                                Charles & Alice C., Palm Coast, Florida

                                                                                (Jack Russells)


“We highly recommend Pet Stop.  Our labradoodle, Dixie, would take off and run from the yard looking for friends to play with – we were always worried she’d “get into something” or even worse, go into the road.  Now that we have the Pet Stop system, she has learned the boundaries of our yard and we know she’s safer.  She’s happier too, since she can now run about our yard and enjoy the outdoors.  Kent and Sandy did a terrific job with our system and are a pleasure to work with.  Thanks again!!!!”

                                                                             Chip & Shelly Fradet, Port Orange, Florida